APHRODITE'S ROOM™ Intelligent Posture Corrector

APHRODITE'S ROOM™ Intelligent Posture Corrector

APHRODITE'S ROOM™ Intelligent Posture Corrector

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The INTELLIGENT POSTURE CORRECTOR has the latest inductive design, it will let you actively adjust the correct posture through vibration reminder, instead of the restraint of the traditional correction strap.

Our posture corrector vibrates automatically to remind users of their incorrect postures by real time monitoring. When the smart sensor performs angle monitoring, it automatically triggers gentle vibrations when hunchback sensed, reminding the user proactively to adjust to the correct posture.

This hunchback back brace is designed with ergonomic shape and fits the human body curve. Equipped with premium high-elastic nylon belt for better elasticity and more comfort, which is suitable for people from 15 kg to 95 kg.

The switch position is designed to be easy to turned on/off by yourself without the help of others, regardless of adults or children.

The corrector can be used for 15 days with 2 hours charging, by connecting the USB cable. We recommend that users wear the posture corrector for  21 days is the period of habit formation, and posture will be significantly improved, 90 days of persistence will enter the period of habit stability.

APHRODITE'S ROOM™ is committed to bringing you and your family a healthier and scientific life.

Customer health is our main priority!
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